5 Healthy Foods That Help Cure Acne

A healthy diet is needed for those suffering from both mild and moderate acne. It plays a big part in the condition of the skin and usually when a soft drink or other food high in sugar are consumed a break out is inevitable.

Here is some advice on the best healthy food for your skin:

1. Vegetables. Very good, leads to less acne and a nice complexion. Also high in antioxidants.

2. Fruit. Even though high in sugar, it has vitamins which help the skin recover from problems.

3. White Meat. Chicken has proven to be very helpful in overcoming conditions such as dry skin.

4. Tuna. High in Omega three and any other fish is in the same category. The omega three and natural fish oil help the skin build immunity against problems and infections.

5. Salad. Even though this may be in the vegetable range. A salad includes all different types of vegetables and allows the skins pores to open up and be clean.

Good Drink to help cure acne :

1. Water. By staying to a water diet, you will notice immediate improvement in your acne.

Bad Foods which aggravate acne :

1. Chocolate. Very high in sugar.

2. Soft Drink. High levels of sugar and caffeine trigger breakouts and irritation.

Even though a lot of doctors say diet is not related to acne. For most people suffering from mild or moderate acne it very much is, not so much those people with severe acne though. A water diet with a lot of vegetables will help cure any disease of the skin.

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